My new orchidarium

I moved to Louisville, Colorado, at the end of August. New place, new conditions, new set up! The temperature in the Bay Area is constant all year round which makes growing orchids easy. Louisville is a different story when you like mini-mini orchids who love cool to intermediate growing conditions. Winter is not too much a problem as I don’t like to overheat the house and my bedroom is relatively cold. Summer is a different story with up to 90FRead more

Dendrobium bellatulum

Name: Dendrobium bellatulum Rolfe 1903 Synonym: none Culture conditions: warm to cold. Origine: Himalayas, southern China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam Substrat change: N/A Buy: Orchid show February 2019, Andy’sRead more

Protheschea vitellina (2)

Some flower variations in the same plant: first is missing 2 sepales second is missing 2 sepales and shows some malformation of the petales and sepale third has all sepales and petales, still some irregularity on the petales and sepales and the lower petale is not centered but seems much normale than other flowersRead more


At the opposite of most of my orchid this one is not a species but an hybride: Catasetum pileatum v imperale “pierre Couret” HCC/AO crosses with Catasetum pileatum v imperale “SVO Blood Red”.Read more

Wednesday likes to be clean!

Miss Wednesday spend a lot of time waiting like a status. But when she is moving it’s to catch and eat insect or to clean herself. It’s very interesting to look at the small parts of her face moving while she is doing it. Look at her eyes, the 2 small black points…  Read more

My first orchid mantis

My first orchid mantis, Wednesday, arrived Wednesday by USPS. I found them at USMantis. She is soo small and cute. And was very hungry – 3 flies in 1 hour! Never had such type of pet so will have to learn a lot in the following days but it’s already very interesting to watch.Read more

New vivarium

I found this beautiful piece of wood at the last orchid show and I found it will be a good support to grow orchids. I fixed it to a Basalite 6 in. x 6 in.Read more