Maxillaria tenuifolia

Culture conditions: cold to hot Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Niacaragua and Costa Rica Substrat change: NA Blooming: June 2013 Purchase: long time ago…..  Read more

Bigger wall for more orchids…..

My “wall” started to be too small so I did increase it by about 2 feet. Re-install the watering system and all my plants took me the day but very happy to see the result. I also install some orchids outside with an automatic watering system. I dream to be able to culture Dracula so let see how it goes for the next months before to bring some of them.   Outside orchids  Read more

Trisetella hoeijeri

 I met this orchid long time ago, surfing on the web and she was in my “would love to have one” list for long time. I ordered one at Eucagenera and I picked up this orchid (with some other ones….) at the San Francisco orchid show some month ago. What a pleasure to come back from a travel in Europe and see this orchid blooming. Culture conditions: cool to cold Origine: southeastern Ecuador Substrat change: NA Blooming: June 2013 Purchase: San Francisco orchidRead more

Dendrobium unicum

   Dear Andy, I like you but my debit card doesn’t….I cannot resist to stop by our stand at each show I’m going….my apartment is like an annex of your shop! I couldn’t resist to this dendrobium when I visited the San Jose orchid show begin of June. The flowers were not open yet but they were already with a beautiful orange color….very attractive. What a pleasure to see them open. Thanks and see you at the next show. Andy’sRead more

Bulbophyllum bicolor

Synomym: Cirrhopetalum bicolor (Lindl.) Rolfe 1903; Phyllorchis bicolor (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891 Culture conditions: hot Origine: Hong Kong Substrat change: NA Blooming: June 2013 Purchase: San Jose orchid showRead more

Bulbophyllum maximum

Synomym: Bulbophyllum ciliatum ; Bulbophyllum cyrtopetalum ; Bulbophyllum djumaense ; Bulbophyllum djumaense var. grandifolium ; Megaclinium flaccidum ; Bulbophyllum maximum var. oxypterum ;Bulbophyllum moirianum ; Bulbophyllum nyassanum ; Bulbophyllum oxypterum ; Bulbophyllum oxypterum var. mozambicense ; Bulbophyllum platyrhachis ; Bulbophyllum purpuratum ; Bulbophyllum purpuratum ; Bulbophyllum subcoriaceum ; Megaclinium djumaensis ; Megaclinium maximum ; Megaclinium oxypterum ; Megaclinium oxypterum var. mozambicense  ; Megaclinium platyrhachis ; Megaclinium purpuratum ; Megaclinium subcoriaceum ; Phyllorchis maxima ; Phyllorchis oxyptera Culture conditions: intermediary toRead more

Capanemia uliginosa

Synomym: Rodriguezia uliginosa Culture conditions: cool to warm Origine:Minas Gerais and Rio de Janiero Stae of Brazil Substrat change: NA Blooming: June 2013 Purchase: San Jose orchid showRead more

Nageliella angustifolia

Synomym: Hartwegia purpurea var. angustifolia Booth;  Hartwegia gemma ; Nageliella gemma ; Scaphyglottis gemma Culture conditions: cool to intermediary Origine:Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador Substrat change: NA Blooming: June 2013 Purchase: San Jose orchid showRead more