Oberonia setigera

I discovered and bought my first Oberonia in 2010. It’s relatively easy to culture in my appartement so I was pleased to find some other Oberonia at the show. And this Oberonia setigera is certainly the most interesting one. It was a little damage during the transportation Culture conditions: hot to warm, low light Origin:  this orchid comes from Philippine and grow on tree trunks in shaded locations at altitudes of 1200 meters Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013 Purchase:Read more

Pleurothallis cypripedioideae

I took my Friday off  to be able to go the San Francisco Orchid Show. This year, I was a little more prepare and went with my wish list….a long wish list! And I was lucky, I found most of the orchid I was looking and  little more than that. My first jewel is this Pleurothallis cypripedioideae. This orchid is found in Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 350 to 1000 meters. Flower was close yesterday and started to openRead more