Stellis morganii

Synomym: Stelis dressleri Luer 1981 Culture conditions: warm to cool Origine: Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador Substrat change: NA Blooming: Since I bought it Purchase: February 2013Read more

Bulbophyllum campanulatum

Synomym: Bulbophyllum borneense (Schltr.) J.J. Sm. 1907; Bulbophyllum campanulatum [Rolfe]Rolfe 1909; *Cirrhopetalum auratum Lindley 1840; Cirrhopetalum borneense Schltr. 1906; Cirrhopetalum campanulatum Rolfe 1910; Cirrhopetalum candelabrum Lindley ex Moore 1854; Phyllorchis aurata (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891 Culture conditions:intermediare, light Origine: Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines Substrat change: NA Blooming: May 2013 Purchase: ?Read more

Scaphyglottis bilineata

Found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia with terete pseudobulbs sometimes arising from the apex of older pseudobulbs and carrying 2 apical, linear-ligualte, acute leaves that blooms on a fasciculate, single flowered inflorescence.Read more