Books and publications

I like books! Have plenty of them and most of my orchid books are in French.


miniature-orchid-volume-1 A compendium of miniature orchid species, volume 1

A very heavy book (7 lb), full of pictures but was a little disappointed by the content, I was expected more about the plant description.







amour d'orchidee

Un amour d’orchidee – le mariage de la fleur et de l’insecte” – My favorite book! All about the reproduction of the orchid and the love between orchid and insect.







mille et une

Milles et une miniorchidees” – A bible if you like mini orchids.








guide de l'amateur

Orchidees – Guide de l’amateur” – Belin.








cultiver orchid

Cultiver les orchidees avec ou sans lumiere artificielle” – another bible to know everything about light, watering, temperature, especially if you plan to build a terrarium in our appartment.








Orchids – over 1200 species listed








orchidee facile a vivre

Orchidees faciles a vivre” Francois et Philippe Lecoufle









The uses and misuses of orchids in medicine


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  1. Macromika says:

    Hello. Do you know of any good books in english similar to “Milles et une miniorchidees” and/or “Cultiver les orchidees avec ou sans lumiere artificielle” ? I don’t think either book has an english translation, however both topics are important to me and my little green children. Thank you

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