Pleurothallis condorensis

It seems that my bedroom is cold enough to have this orchid blooming! Name: Pleurothallis condorensis Luer & Hirtz 1989 Synomym: Ancipitia condorensis (Luer & Hirtz) Luer 2004 Culture conditions: cold to cool Origine: Ecuador and Peru Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013, November 2013 Purchase: October 2012Read more

Masdevallia wendlandiana

Synomym: Acinopetala wendlandiana; Masdevallia rodrigueziana; Masdevallia ulei; Masdevallia yauaperyensis Culture conditions: hot, partial shade Origine: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013 Purchase: September 2010Read more

Dendrobium linguiforme

I bought this orchid at the SF show 2 weeks ago. Flowers are now open and it’s a pleasure to see then blooming. Synomym: Dockrillia nugentii, Dendrobium nugentii Culture conditions: cool to warm Origine: Queensland and New South Wales Australia Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013 Purchase: February 2013Read more

Kefersteinia tolimensis

2 years now that this orchid bloom constantly. The secret is water every day so she is very happy with all the orchids on stick. Culture conditions: intermediary to warm Origine: Found in the state of Tolima, Colombia, as well as Ecuador and Venezuela Substrat change: Never changed it! Blooming: February 2013, bloom every 3 month Purchase: August 2010Read more

Constantia cipoensis

I chose this orchid not because of the flower (doesn’t have one for the moment) but for the leaves and bulbs. Constatia is another genus with only 6 species that have, like the orchid on the picture, a packed spheroid pseudobulbs with two leaves. This species seems difficult to culture: airy, cool, humid, dappled shady conditions that allow it to dry out just a bit between waterings…..will not be easy! Need also very bright light….Read more

Abdominea minimiflora

What’s a strange name for an orchid: Abdominea! It’s due to the similarity of the flower lip with the abdomen of an insect. Difficult to take a picture because very, very, very small flower (1 millimeter). Synonyms:Abdominea micrantha; Gastrochilus minimiflorus; Saccolabium minimiflorum; Schoenorchis minimiflora; Schoenorchis philippinensis Culture conditions: hot to warm Origine: Selangor, Perak and Pahang, Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Java and the Philippines Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013 Purchase: February 2013Read more

Dryadella albicans

I killed the previous Dryadella I bought….but this one was so cute that I decided to try gain…. Synonyms: Masdevallia albicans Culture conditions: cold to warm Origine: Costa Rica To Ecuador Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013 Purchase: February 2013  Read more

Leptote pauloensis

Another little orchid I didn’t know before to visit the orchid show in SF. There are only 6 species of Leptote and they come from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. They  werefirst described as a genus by Lindley in 1833 using Leptotes bicolor as the type species. This specie is found in Espiritu Santo, Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo  (that explain her common name: The Sao Paulo Leptotes), Parana and Santa Catarina states of Brazil in montane rainforests at elevations ofRead more

Dendrobium lichenastrum

I like to go to the orchid show because not only you find the orchid you look for but you also discover a lot of new, small and very cute orchid. I found this flower very similar to the polystachia’s flower: like a lady with a big hat (ok, I have a certain imagination!). The leaves are also very interesting for this plant, looks more like a succulent.Read more

Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

Synonyms: Bulbophyllum breviscapum; Cirrhopetalum breviscapum; Cirrhopetalum lasiochilum; Phyllorchis lasiochila Culture conditions: hot to warm Origine: Indian, Burman, Thai and Malaysian Substrat change: NA Blooming: February 2013, july 2017 Purchase: February 2013, new purchase in 2016Read more