Who am I?

I’m an unreasonable person who like to collect – shells, plants, books (especially cooking books)…and orchids!

Why this blog? Because it’s an easy way to track my orchids – When and where did I buy them? Which one I killed? Which one survives? Which ones grow and bloom? What are their culture conditions….

Who am I? I’m French, living in California since 2007. I discovered orchid world when I was a teen – thanks to my sister in law.  I started my first collection when I moved to the south of France, essentially classic orchids like phalaenopsis, miltonia….It’s after moving to near to Paris that I discovered another world:  the mini-orchid world.  10 years ago, I moved to San Francisco and I had to start a new collection as it was impossible to move my collection in USA. After few years, it seems that I bring an orchid infected with a virus to my collection….I had to do a lot of cleaning and trash most of my orchids, wait 2 years to start a new collection – collection #3 started in August 2016.

Which type of orchid do I like? I like the very small orchids. Scaphosepalum, Porroglossum,  Masdevallia, Dracula, Oberonia,  Polystachia, Bulbophyllum….I have essentially orchid growing in intermediary conditions but I started to experience cool culture orchids as it’s possible to culture them directly outside without special infrastructure (in north California). Why mini-orchid, because:

  • I live in an apartment and have limited space so small orchids allow more orchids
  • I like what is different, strange, not commun
  • ‘m a molecular biologist by training and seems to be attracted by everything small


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