The tiny jungle

It was open day today (and tomorrow) at The Tiny Jungle and Let talk’s plant in Daly City.

They have beautiful orchids but also a nice collection of Begonia and Primavera.

I came back with few orchids (Oncibium velutina, Lepanthes telipogoniflora, Lepanthes estrellenensis, Epidendrum englerianum, Protheschea vitellina, Plastystele reflexa, Eria spicata, Dockrilla wassellii, Promenera stapelioides, Dendrobium aphrodite, Dendrobium lawesii) and 2 begonia and 2 primavera.

Sinningia wood nymph

Begonia bowerae nigramarga

Pearcea abunda

Primulina aiko

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