NanoViv and other home made

July 4, 2103

During one of my web site expedition, I found  Mikael’s flick page with his wonderful nanoviv: Mikael nanoviv It’s a mini-vivarium that relies on the porosity of a clay water pipe to watering the plans attached directly to it. Visit Mikae’sl web page here to find more information. And you can find some instruction on how to build one here. Of course, I was very interested and started to look for all material to build one. I found an old clay water pipe. After some days of experience, it seems that there is internal coating that makes the pipe nonporous, too bad 😦 So I decided to make some changes and test this material made by Epiweb: hygrolon. I covered the pipe with the hygrolon and add 4 slices to pump the water inside the pipe. My first feeling is that 4 slices is too much but will see after some days if I need to adjust. Ok, I don’t have Mikael’s experience… but I’m happy with the result. Now, let see if the plans will be happy! nanoviv zoom nanoviv full view nanoviv map I found the material here: – Macrolon for the external tubing and round plastic at the bottom: TAP Plastic – Water Pipe: A-1 Plumbing Supply Company – San Francisco – Hygrolon: Dartfrog – UK – LED lamp: First Rays – USA – Fan : Antec TriCool 80mm Cooling Fan with 3-Speed Switch and power adapter. – Glass for the top: Glass express – San Mateo   Home made – Picture atelier My apparment doesn’t offer a lot of light so I need artificial light to take picture, especially the macro picture. I build my personal studio – completely home made with a very small budget. Easy to put back together, easy to strip down. Thanks to “Low budget shooting”  for ideas. low budget

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