Angraecum calceolus

Name: Angraecum calceolus Thouars 1822

Synomym: Aeranthes calceolus (Thouars) S. Moore 1877; Aeranthus calceolus [Thou]S. Moore; Aerobion calceolus (Thouars) Spreng. 1826; Angraecum anocentrum Schlechter 1898; Angraecum carpophorum Thouars 1822; Angraecum rhopaloceras Schlechter 1925; Epidorchis calceolus [Thou] O.Ktze 1891; Epidorchis carpophora (Thouars) Kuntze 1891; Macroplectrum calceolus [Thou] Finet 1907; Mystacidium calceolus (Thouars) Cordem. 1895; Mystacidium carpophorum (Thouars) Cordem. 1895

Culture conditions: cold to hot

Origine: Mozambique, Madagascar as well as the Indian Ocean Islands Of Comoros, Reunion, Mauritius, the Mascarenes and the Seychelles

Substrat change: NA

Buy: SF orchid show, July 2017, Andy’s orchid

Blooming: July 2017

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