New vivarium

2017-July-small vivarium full view-6778

I found this beautiful piece of wood at the last orchid show and I found it will be a good support to grow orchids. I fixed it to a Basalite 6 in. x 6 in.
Lamp Black Concrete Paver (Home Depot) and build a complete vivarium around it. To limit the cost I bought the pieces of acrylic on Amazon (pre-cut) but I had a lot of issue with them as none of had the same size! So don’t look too close….I added a mist fog maker in a vase, a computer ventilation in the top corner, a light I had from my previous vivarium et voila!

I installed the plants few weeks ago already and they are doing well. I think I will have to keep high humidity because the wood is soaking a lot of water.


  • Kingidium philippinense
  • Scaphosepalum ovulare
  • Bulbophyllum Tawainese
  • Bulbophyllum purpurascens
  • Peporenia
  • Pleurothallis brighmii
  • Lepanthes tentaculata
  • Bulbophyllum elasso


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