A new vivarium

After few months of absence, I’m finally back to the orchid world. New collection means new vivarium to take care of the intermediary orchids.


Entirely homemade – from the conception to the realization! And few steps:

  • 3 hours waiting at the airport to come with a plan
  • 1 hour to Home Depot to have the wood cut, buy paint, wheel, …
  • 1 hour at Tap Plastic for the plastic sheet
  • and few hours to build the vivarium

A total of 2 days of work.

The vivarium has:

  • wheels to move it easily
  • a lower section for all my orchid books and tools I need
  • the vivarium itself – has a door to easily access the orchid, two ventilators (one inside, one on the side to provide fresh air), light on the top
  • thermal and humidity meter

I was thinking to use a fog system to maintain humidity, but it seems that it will not be necessary – every other day watering is enough to keep higher than 70%.

I installed all the orchids last weekend and will keep an eye on them for the next two weeks and see if it needs adjustment.

I have to write that I’m very proud of myself!

_mg_1540-2 vivarium-1607

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