Lepanthes telipogoniflora

orchid orange

When I bought this orchid I had no idea of how the flower will look like.  The plant stays small, produce few leaves but the flowers are always very spectacular. When closed, they have 3 faces that look like a Y. When open it gives a very nice orange flower with yellow border with a size close to peny size.

This plant was describe first in 1996 (certainly not found before because growing in a region controlled by Colombia’s drug lords)

Culture condition: Hot, full shade (but I culture it in a buble, full East window.

Origine: Colombia in the state of Risaralda at elevations of 500 meters

Substrat change: move into a buble just after I bought it.

Blooming: January 2013

Purchase: Feb 2012. Orquideas del valle.

fermee fermee 2

tout petite orchideeSize of the plant when I bought it

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