Dendrobium porphyrochilum

orchid rose

Did not know what to expect when I bought this orchid some months ago but very pleased with the nice little flowers white, green and pink. Growth really well inside at intermediary temperature even if cold conditions are recommended.

Culture conditions: cold temperature, partial shade

Origine: Found in the western Himalayas, Chinese Himalayas, Assam, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanamar, Thailand and Vietnam on trees in forests grazed by cattle at elevations of 1850 to 2350 meters

Substrat change:

Blooming: January 2013

Purchase: September 2012

orchid zoom out orchid 1 cent

1 response to Dendrobium porphyrochilum

  1. kerisorchids says:

    wow! so delicate! the soft colors compliment the tiny size, i think 🙂

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