Dendrochilum bicallosum

January 6 071

I think that I bought it at Orchimania (San Francisco) just before they closed. It’s one of the “Necklace Orchids” (because of their long, pendant, multi-flowered inflorescence).

The flowers are salmon-pink with about 100 small flowers per spike. The plant has 13 spikes this time. I had the plant in my bedroom for the last month, next to the window (very bright in the afternoon), intermediary temperature (I most of the time don’t heat my bedroom, with exception of winter when it’s too cold outside – very bad isolation). I moved the plan to my main room when the spikes  showed up. The flowers didn’t stay long time, 1-2 weeks (perhaps too hot compare to the bedroom and not enough watering).

I read on different sites that the flowers are fragant….very light, I have to put my nose next to the flower to smell it.

What I like the most is the spiraling spikes – looks like a DNA molecule! (Do you think they is a link with the fact that I’m a molecular biologist!).

January 6 067   DB-flower hampe

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